We partner to build regenerative forest projects, financed through carbon offsets

We need to reforest our waterways, our erosion-prone lands, biodiversity corridors, marginal farmland, and protect our indigenous forests. We also need rural employment to do this great work. Ekos supports this work through forest carbon projects as a pioneer in commercial conservation.

New Zealand Partnerships

  • Rowallan-Alton (Māori) Incorporation - Continuing with our long partnership with the Rowallan-Alton (Māori) Incorporation with the Rarakau Rainforest Carbon Project in western Southland.

  • Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s - Ekos is supporting Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s climate resilience policy and financing agenda though forest carbon and climate finance consulting.

  • New Zealand Corporations - Ekos is Designing and developing insetting carbon projects for large NZ corporations.

  • Nelson and Tasman Councils - Ekos is working with the Nelson and Tasman Councils toward the development of a regional restorative forest carbon programme.

  • Māori restorative forest carbon programme in Northland - Ekos is partnering with the Amokura Consortium, Reconnecting Northland, and the Tindall Foundation to support a Māori restorative forest carbon programme in Northland.

  • Ruapehu District Council - Ekos is in the stages of early scoping work with the Ruapehu District Council for restorative forest carbon options to build climate resilience and reduce erosion.

  • Chathlam Islands - Ekos is working with the Hokotehi Moriori Trust to explore restorative reforestation of marginal farmland on Rēkohu (Chatham Island).

  • Exploring restorative forest carbon opportunities with councils and Maori in Canterbury.

Pacific partnerships

Children in Choisel

Ekos is a pioneer in market-based mechanisms and impact investment for sustainable development in the Pacific Islands. We use carbon markets as a means to sustainable development ends. Our community-led projects deliver multiple sustainable development outcomes underpinned by a forest story: helping rural landowners sell carbon credits instead of logs to finance their economic development and social well being.

Vanuatu - Our subsidiary Nakau Programme is partnering with Green Collar, Wattle Creek, and Live and Learn Vanuatu to develop a rainforest protection project on Erramango Island.

Samoa - Ekos is working with the government of Samoa to develop a forest carbon programme to protect the water catchment above the capital city Apia on Upolu Island.

Solomon Islands e are scoping out new project options to protect more rainforest in the Solomon Islands.

Without investment the start-up costs of a carbon project are often not feasible for landowners or councils alone.

For information on projects currently open to investment please get in touch.