Peace of mind comes from knowing your carbon credits are real, certified, and do more than just offset emissions

All ekos carbon credits are sourced from our own indigenous forest carbon and conservation projects. These offsets are certified to international carbon standards. The Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project on Māori land in Southland is certified to the Plan Vivo Carbon Standard. The Rameka project in Golden Bay is certified under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. Our Pacific Island projects are certified to the Plan Vivo Carbon Standard - the world's leading community-based forest carbon standard.

As well as being certified, our projects are developed to deliver additional environmental and social benefits to communities, such as improving water quality, resilience to erosion, sustainable incomes, and gender equality.

No double dipping

All credits sold by ekos are cancelled on the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register (NZ) or Markit Environmental Registry (NY/London). 

Footprint measurement

ekos carbon accounting for customer emissions is based on the  ISO14064-1 carbon standard. CO2emissions are calculated using the latest internationally approved emission factors from the Ministry for Environment in New Zealand, and Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs in the United Kingdom.  


As a non-profit enterprise we are focused on maximising beneficial impact. We price our carbon offsets to make sure our projects are self-sustaining. Here is where the money goes:

Rarakua price transparency.jpg