Ekos Nature Invest: Be an impact investor for a sustainable future

We need to reforest our waterways, our erosion-prone lands, biodiversity corridors, marginal farmland, and protect our indigenous forests. We also need rural employment to do this great work. Ekos supports this work through forest carbon projects as a pioneer in commercial conservation.

The scale of good we can cause is limited only by carbon credit demand and impact investment appetite, rather than being constrained by grant availability. This enables us to deliver four times the beneficial impact of grant funding (and you get your money back).

Carbon credit demand is now higher than it has ever been and is likely to increase as we head towards our 2030 Paris Agreement deadline. Carbon prices are also rising. The commercial conditions are now ripe for impact investment in an era of change for good, and we invite you to be an agent of this change by investing in our common future through Ekos Nature Invest.

How it works

Individual forest carbon projects need capital investment to cover their start-up costs. For example, planting a forest costs money up front, but the carbon credit revenues do not start to kick in for a few years. The cash required to fund carbon project establishment comes from impact investment that commands both a financial return (get your money back with interest), and a non-financial return (your contribution to our sustainable landscapes).

Ekos Nature Investments are structured with standard financial attributes including:

  • Capital required

  • Internal rates of return (IRR - interest on invested money)

  • Net present value (NPV - amount of money to be made in today’s dollars).

  • Impact Margin (measurable beneficial impact on nature and communities)

Investors large and small then have the option to support individual projects or support regional programmes at a scale to suit their investment appetite.

Supply Demand.png

Without investment the start-up costs of a carbon project are often not feasible for landowners or councils alone.

For information on projects currently open to investment please get in touch.