A New Zealand made product, with a local and global impact

COLORSTEEL have partnered with ekos to enable you to make your COLORSTEEL Zero Carbon, through the native forests projects in New Zealand and the Pacific.

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What does Zero Carbon mean?

COLORSTEEL have undertaken a Life Cycle Assessment of their Endura and Maxx products, measuring the carbon footprint from cradle to customer, and end of life. By entering the amount of COLORSTEEL you have purchased, you can purchase the equivalent number of carbon credits to offset the emissions from this product - making your product Zero Carbon.

Our carbon forest projects are of the highest quality. Growing and protecting permanent native forests to restore biodiversity, water quality and climate resilience and capture carbon. Our carbon credits are certified to internationally recognised standards and retired on internationally recognised third party registries.


COLORSTEEL has measured the life cycle carbon footprint of their Endura and Maxx 0.4 and 0.55mm products in their contoured roll-formed state in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN1580, set out in an Environmental Product Declaration. This measurement includes cradle to customer (raw materials, transport, manufacturing) and end of life disposal. Construction and deconstruction by the customer have not been included due to the inability to predict how the material will be used following manufacture.

ekos carbon credits are retired on the Markit Envionmental Registry, New York, or the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register.